The euro mediterranean alliance for res (renewable energy source)

ETRERA_2020 goal is facing the future energy needs in the Euro–Mediterranean area by creating a research/innovation network for supporting renewable energy sources technologies development for the production of clean energy.

In order to reach this goal ETRERA_2020 project is working for the establishment of long lasting partnership, among organisation (research institution, companies, venture capital etc..) active in the renewable energy field.

The final aim of ETRERA_2020 is the set-up of a Meta-Cluster, focused on the RES innovation. Meta cluster’s mission is to create direct value in order to increase competitiveness on global markets of all involved stakeholders, such as SME’s, knowledge institutions and local authorities by means of international collaboration.  The Meta-Cluster mission is to start and develop the inter cluster effective communication, which will bring the mutual cooperation projects, with higher benefits than costs.

Some informal partnership/alliance are currently established among the following project, active in RES technologies in EUROMED area:

Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on research & training in sun based renewable energies -EUROSUNMED

The scientific targets of the EUROSUNMED project are the development of new technologies in three energy field areas, namely photovoltaics (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP) and grid integration (GI), in strong collaboration with research institutes, universities and SMEs from Europe in the north side of the Mediterranean sea and from Morocco and Egypt from the south of the sea. The focus in PV will be on thin film (Si, CZTS) based solar cells and modules while the goal in CSP field is to design and test new heliostats as well as novel solutions for energy storage compatible with these technologies. The project aims at producing components that will be tested under specific conditions of MPC (Mediterranean Partners Countries): hot climate, absence of water, etc..


Research Center  

Public Authorities/Trade-Business Associations

Network &Tecnology Transfer




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